Do not Let Illegal Turkish Employment Agency Incentive Applications Be Your Nightmare

Being one of the incentives with the highest added value, On-the-Job Training Program (IEP) provides fundamental gaining for employers such as reducing circulation and making savings when applied in complete and in accordance with the laws. As is known, monthlu 1.404 TL wage payment is borne by the government during a program for an employee with minimum wage with Turkish Employment Agency On-the-Job Training Program (IEP) and approximately 700 TL SSI&Tax cost is saved. Thus, the employer obtains 2,104 TL a month, and total 6.312 TL net saving from a trainee at the end of the 3 months’ program.

In the path to obtain this gaining; all processes should be carried out in accordance with Active Labour Regulation and Circular. Otherwise and in case of determining applications which are not in compliance with the spirit of the program, the employers are likely to encounter monetary fine and the risk of being banned in the future.

İNKA Human Resources makes the On-the-Job Training Program applicable with full potential along with the Turkish Employment Agency Service which will be given to you by our special solutions without bringing any operational burden to your company and without influencing your recruitment processes and brings this saving (income) real to you. Besides all these, we carefully and diligently manage and report all expectations from the employers from the Turkish Employment Agency, the number of employment and follow-up at the beginning of the program, during the program and after the program. Thus, we manage an operation with zero risk for the employer thereby producing our legal and sustainable Turkish Employment Agency Projects through our comprehensive service.

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