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It is the service of calculating the lost savings in the annual budgets of the companies, using the İEP, over the monthly average recruitment numbers.  

What is Included? 

  • At the first stage, the following information is requested from the company. 
    • Average number of employees recruited per month 
    • Professional code of positions
    • The industry in which the company is involved with (Production industry, service industry, etc.)
  • In the light of the data we have received, savings are calculated on a monthly and annual basis
  • It is reported to customers in the form of a chart.

Why Should You Get This Service? 

Inka closely follows up the current changes of Iskur Incentives announced. Learning the amount of savings based on your current employees registered with İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Agency) will help you from experiencing losses from now on due to incentives, and also will help you to create a target budget, as well as provide you with a foresight about the savings income to be obtained from personnel recruitment throughout the year. 

What Will Be the Benefit?

Knowing the incentive amount for the company is important in terms of controlling how close the target savings are in the yearly recruitments and developing a strategy.