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Vocational Training Courses are organized by İŞKUR in order to provide a profession to non-professionals and to improve their professional skills for those who have a profession.

Vocational Training Course Consultancy is the service of managing all operational and bureaucratic stages for the personnel of the company to benefit from the courses within the scope of different professions and provinces.  

What is Included? 

  • Creating Vocational Training Course design and components in coordination with all stakeholders such as the Turkish Employment Agency, the relevant Provincial Directorates of the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Qualifications Authority, universities
  • Application for allowances and candidate registration procedures 
  • Trainee briefing and course start day operation
  • Signature sheet preparation, distribution, collection and update operations
  • Trainee internship timekeeping system entries
  • Leave (sick leave-annual leave etc.), report, occupational accident and absenteeism follow-up operations
  • Production of savings reports

Why Should You Get This Service?

Many operational and bureaucratic procedures required for your personnel to benefit from İŞKUR Vocational Training Programs require extra workload, time and expertise of the employer. At the same time, the training curriculum required by each staff member is different and finding the appropriate training for each staff member requires time and expertise. As İNKA, we manage the entire process, operational and bureaucratic stages within the scope of the Vocational Training Course, we pay attention to whether the course is guaranteed employment or not and we make the matching. 

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • Development of qualifications and capabilities of working personnel
  • Bringing people who require special education to the labor market
  • Employment of persons with guaranteed employment courses
  • Savings by employers (in applied courses)
  • Professional development of employees