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It is the actualization of incentive analysis in a way that will provide maximum profit by evaluating all registry and personnel-based options of companies.

What is Included?

  • Curriculum Card                                                                                                        
  • Query of disabled personnel                                                                                   
  • Debt Inquiry / Escrow Inquiry
  • Incorrect Incentive Inquiry
  • Accrual Report
  • Report of Job Entry/Exit
  • Change the Password of the Mass SGK (Turkish SSI) e-Declaration
  • Password Security
  • Automatic Access to SGK (Turkish SSI) Menus 
  • SGK (Turkish SSI) Active Insured Listing
  • Detection of xml errors in the current month

Why Should You Get This Service?

The Social Security Institution (SGK) supports many workplaces and workers in order to increase employment and decrease unemployment, provided that certain conditions are met. It is necessary for companies to use incentives that will provide optimum benefit from both current and potential employees, in order to ensure maximum efficiency and to obtain savings income.

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • We make analyzes about your existing personnel and ensure that you save money at the maximum rate. 
  • We are looking for ways to save money by analyzing the SGK (Turkish SSI) incentives that are not received up to date.
  • When calculating the efficiency of your current incentives, we also increase your current incentive amount.
  • We check the availability of employees to be hired for incentives and increase revenues at the first step.
  • We carry out an error-free, efficient and sustainable incentive process, and we guarantee the accuracy of the service we provide. We assume possible penalties originating as İNKA for a duration of 10 years. 

How Much Will You Save?

With SGK (Turkish SSI) Incentive Management, you can save a minimum of 9.307,44 Turkish Liras and a maximum of 69.806 Turkish Liras per year from only 1 personnel. 

Who Can Benefit From SSI Incentive Service?

Both large and small businesses can benefit from the SSI incentive service in line with their needs. Regardless of the sector, all companies can benefit from the SSI incentive service. There are some conditions that both workplaces and employers must fulfill just for service. The main conditions that are important are as follows:

  • The monthly service and premium certificate of the workplace must be submitted to the institution within the given period.
  • All premiums must be paid by the end of the statutory period.
  • No unregistered insured workers should be employed in any way.
  • The workplace should not have a late fee and a related debt
  • Worker must not have insurance coverage for a specified period of time before being hired

How is SSI Incentive Inquired?

SSI incentives can be easily inquired at For this, the “Potential Incentive Inquiry” screen serves. Here you can check which bonus incentives your employees take part in. For inquiry, you must first enter the relevant menu. With the "Employer" option, you can go to the system and log in to the application. After logging into the application, "Potential Incentive Inquiry" should be selected from the "Incentives and Definitions" tab of the "Employer" section. This will bring up the current queries. You can make inquiries with the SSI employer incentive service through İNKA, accompanied by experts in the field.