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Our software, which works with Turkey's most up-to-date and most efficient algorithm, is easily integrated into companies' systems, and companies can manage all incentive calculations and forecasts on the system without the need for anyone. İNKA SGK (Turkish SSI) Incentive Software instantly monitors the new incentives put into effect by SGK, evaluates all registry and personnel-based options and reports incentive calculations with predictions in a way that will provide maximum profit. 

What is Included?

  • Operational support related to software integration
  • Customer service
  • Detection of xml errors in the current month
  • Listing of employees who have not been employed
  • List of potential incentive personnel candidates 
  • By offering different services together, we reduce the workload of your payroll personnel and prevent SGK (Turkish SSI) penalties by preventing possible mistakes.

Why Should You Take This System? 

Today, technology provides us with conveniences in all areas. You can now track, calculate and manage all the incentive management of SGK (Turkish SSI) through İNKA's specially developed software. In this way, you can access all the information about incentives at any time and make the most accurate and error-free calculations.  

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • Saving time by personally performing all incentive processes by the company official using the software screen
  • Preventing errors by integrating manual operations with software. 
  • Availability of maximum savings as analyzes of existing personnel are made at any time.
  • Continuous analysis of SGK (Turkish SSI) incentives that are not received up-to-date, evaluation of each savings
  • Increasing the current incentive amounts when calculating the efficiency of existing incentives
  • The possibility to check the suitability of the personnel to be hired for incentives and increase revenues at the first step

How Much Will You Save?

With SGK (Turkish SSI) Incentive Management, you can save a minimum of 9.307,44 Turkish Liras and a maximum of 69.806 Turkish Liras per year from only 1 personnel.