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It is a step towards creating HR policies that will support the company's business strategy. Competency model is designed, and it is to be used for all HR programs.

What is Included?

  • Human Resources goals are written directly supporting the entire organization. 
  • An action plan is created.
  • The necessary structure and organization of human resources is carried accordingly.
  • Within the HR operation plan, the "Competence Model" is designed to be used for Recruitment, Talent Development, Job Evaluation. 
  • Teams are supported by training on where and how to implement this model.  

Why Should You Take This Service? 

It is necessary to identify priorities for implementing the Human Resources Management / Human Strategy set by companies. These priorities are important for the formation and implementation of corporate culture. 

What Will Be the Benefits?

  • Supports the recruitment of employees based on the values & principles 
  • It supports the development plans of existing employees within the competency model
  • It Supports sustainability of the organizational development.
  • The HR policy does not change from person to person, the roadmap of the HR team is clear. 
  • It provides trust to the employees as the corporate acts in a defined framework of HR
  • It strengthens the employee engagement.