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It is the analysis to identify the development areas of the employees based on the competence model of the company or the key company competencies.

What is Included?

The attendees are evaluated and assessed in a 1-day workshop via different tools such as competency-based interviews, group discussion, individual presentation, role play and inventory, Supporting it with techniques such as inventory, psychometric tests. 

  • Individual reports in written as well as the management report to present the results.
  • Presenting the general results to management.
  • If preferred, all employees are given feedback at the end of the process.

Why Should You Take This Service?

It is a necessary study to identify the strengths and development areas of the current employees and/or candidates to be hired. Interviews with people brings you one dimension of view however with this service, we examine the attendee with different perspectives and create a more objective and consistently assessed environment. Candidates / employees are assessed with fairness, focusing on examples of behaviors instead of bias. 

What Will Be the Benefits?

  • It serves to measure how your employees behave in different situations and cases. 
  • It makes easier for you to make decisions in career planning, recruitment, training and development areas, promotion, and rotation processes thus, in ever manner of talent management.
  • It is time saving as you may identify and prioritize in the development areas of your employees.