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Job Evaluation is the analysis of the roles based on “job competencies”. Reward management is the total income package model of the roles that are comparative in market conditions. In this model, the base salary and benefit plan is offered in line with company desired budget.

What is Included? 

  • Up-to-date Job descriptions for all roles. 
  • Web-based job evaluation tool for an objective approach. 
  • The grades for all roles are well-defined, the salary structure is re-built and the communication plan for salary policy is designed in accordance with the corporate culture.
  • A fair and competitive salary policy is created by career paths, market data and economic indicators.  

Why Should You Take This System?

The most critical part of the organization's HR policy is to have the right job architecture and a fair remuneration that establishes human resources management. Feeling the sense of justice and being subject to objective HR policies will increase efficiency and employee engagement.

What Will Be the Benefits?

  • Fair, up-to-date, and objective reward management
  • Building trust to company
  • The emergence of an operational roadmap of HR
  •  Fair employer policy