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To help your company grow strategically, it is the plan for development of a short or medium-term.

By assessing the priorities and required competencies of the company, the needs analysis of employees is carried out. In this analysis, industry-specific technical capabilities are investigated, and gaps and risks are considered.

What is included?

  • Conducting surveys, one-on-one interviews with key managers, employees who are subject matter experts.
  • Considering the findings from competency-based interviews and the results of implementations such as the in-house performance assessment/assessment center, 
  • Benchmarks evaluated with the strategic roadmap and competency model of the company
  • A roadmap to HR within the scope of the development areas, prioritized within the scope of the human strategy 

Why Should You Take This Service?

It is necessary to focus on the real need, rather than focusing on the individual priorities or being influenced by popular approaches and choosing the easy topics not related with the priority.

This needs analysis is necessary to ensure development that supports the strategic goals of the company. Training and development needs for managers and non-managers are mostly well-identified and assessed by external consultants.  İNKA is ready to support the stages of identifying these needs. 

What Will Be the Benefits?

  • The real need is determined, rather than the popular topics.
  • It allows the company to invest in priority and real issues.
  • With this analysis, the HR department can design training and development programs or outsource the practices necessary for employee development.