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It is the analyzing of the current organizational structure, drawing the workflows by considering the ideal structure to support the strategy, with benchmarks and identifying gaps. Norm Staffing is carried out via written job descriptions.

What is Included? 

  • Mapping workflows 
  • Conducting field analysis and one-on-one interviews. 
  • Training the employees to write the job descriptions, let the job holders write down their tasks and then HR review for the content and finally approval by the management. 
  • Making a norm staffing design at the final stage

Why Should You Take This Service? 

It helps to analyze to see the hidden losses that creates the inefficiency in doing business. It allows to check the workflow and consistency of the work done. It is also necessary to determine the responsibilities of employees and their business goals. Clarifying the areas of duties and responsibilities ensures fairness and peace of mind in the employee environment, thus increasing the work efficiency.

What Will Be the Benefits?

  • It is the first step to establish the right infrastructure for the future from today. 
  • Provides efficiency in corporate processes
  • It serves to use resources effectively.
  • With the right number of employees and the right amount of time spent, both productivity, profitability, and employee satisfaction increase.