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These are the solutions offered to customers by reducing the risks that may arise from the professional support and legal processes provided to the companies in order to prevent the confusion caused by the dynamic structure of the legal legislation.

The risk analysis covers whether the responsibilities of the companies to the Social Security Institution and İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Agency) are fulfilled within the scope of the legislation, retrospectively. The documents of the companies within the scope of the retroactive legislation are examined and a detailed report is prepared and submitted to the company, as a result of which all risks are revealed.

What is Included?

  • Analysis of the current situation by providing full-scale social security consultancy to companies
  • Identification of deficiencies 
  • Demonstration of solutions 
  • Providing information on current legislation changes
  • Identification of deficiencies 
  • Demonstration of solutions

Why Should You Take This Service? 

Due to the complexity and constant changes of the Social Security Law and sub-legislation, in cases where it is not followed up to date, it may cause you to face heavy penalties in the inspections to be carried out by both the Ministry of Labor and the SGK (Turkish SSI). 
While the Labor and Social Security Legislation regulates our working life, the need for critical and accurate information increases as it becomes difficult to follow with complex and secondary legislation in practice.

Companies can manage their business processes with competent teams in the Human Resources and Payroll departments. However, the complex legislation structure and instantaneous events create additional burdens and responsibilities beyond the normal workflow, causing problems that even competent personnel hesitate.

Instead of consulting after the occurrence of the problems, making arrangements before the problems that will occur and producing solutions against instant events will not both disrupt the workflow and also prevent additional workload.

What Will Be the Benefits?

  • Thanks to Social Security Consulting, you can eliminate the risks that will occur in advance.
  • It eliminates your risks to your employees and the public.
  • With the bond to be established between the service provider and the consultant, it will be possible to be organized with Logical reasoning, Communication, Result orientation and a with the team. 
  • You can prevent possible risks and penalties by ensuring that your HR and payroll units receive support from our expert team, who has full knowledge of the Social Security legislation.
  • You can provide training and development support to the staff of the company. 
  • It is ensured that full compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Labor and SGK (Turkish SSI) and the sanctions to be applied are avoided.