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It is the inspection of the compliance with the legal regulations in the payroll processes from the first moment that all the employees of the company are employed and the determination of the possible risks. 

What is Included?

  • Check of personnel entry documents,
  • Check of personal documents,
  • Check of personnel AGİ (Personal Status Declaration) forms,
  • Check over the process of entry/approval and timekeeping Incapacity Reports into the SGK (Turkish SSI) system
  • Check of the accuracy of the notification in the SGK (Turkish SSI) system of personnel entry-exit processes,
  • Check of the cutback documents of disabled personnel,
  • Check of the documents of the personnel who have been laid off, checking the necessary wage calculations, if any (severance pay, notice pay, leave)
  • Check of legal parameters,
  • Check of monthly regular calculated payrolls according to timekeeping data,
  • Accuracy check of the application method of additional payment parameters, Compliance and control of wage, tax and non-SGK (Turkish SSI) deductions (execution, advance, telephone limit, etc.) with internal/external sources (court decision, accounting 196 accounts and similar), legal check of in-kind or cash payments made to employees,
  • Check of the accuracy of payroll data in declarations,
  • Check of the annual leave forms,
  • Application check of annual leave tracking systems,
  • Conducting checks if reports of incapacity for work are being submitted to the payroll,
  • Accurate and legal compliance check of overtime amounts,
  • Check as to whether personnel entry / exit from work is carried out in accordance with the law,
  • Check of monthly premium service declarations that must be provided to SGK (Turkish SSI)

Why Should You Take This Analysis? 

For companies, checking the payroll processes that are kept both in-house and outsourced is a very tiring and work-intensive process. In order to avoid possible penalties, we check your company's payroll services, legal calculations and the accuracy of the documents in detail with a professional team, and if there are any, we can quickly prevent problems.

What Will Be the Benefits?

  • Checking whether the documents that need to be notified to the official bodies have been done at the right time and with the right amount,
  • Identification of existing deficiencies in personnel identity documents
  • Ensuring control and accuracy of all payroll and identity processes
  • Avoiding all possible penalties by checking whether the payrolls are made in accordance with the Labor Code.