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There are items exempt from insurance premiums in Article 80 of the Social Security and GSS Law (General Health Insurance) no. 5510 and the purpose of the analysis is to make savings in insurance premiums by making use of the exemptions in question by analyzing the professions and the work done. 

It is the analysis of payroll items that are saved or will be saved by conducting a payroll audit of companies and submitting them to the customer. Thus, it is aimed that companies confirm the accuracy of their transactions and at the same time learn the advantages that additional savings items will provide to their companies. 

What is Included? 

  • All the payrolls of the company, professional codes of people, their marital status and the number of children is examined.
  • The total amount of savings is determined.
  • After the report submitted to the company, these processes are carried out together.
  • It is done once a year 

Why Should You Take This Service? 

Personnel expenses are one of the most important items of expenses of companies. Currently, only SGK (Turkish SSI) expenses are equivalent to 32.50% of the employee's gross salary. With the implementation of the exceptions provided by the law, a significant decrease in this expense may occur. However, in order to achieve the savings in question, legislative support and a traceable system are required. We carry out legislation, regulation, follow-up and control operations for you with the Personnel Payroll Savings System. 

What Will Be the Benefits?

  • Significant reduction of employer expense items.
  • Comparison of personnel data and provision of the scope of application of exceptions in the appropriate model for the company