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It includes controlling the processes of the subcontractors on a monthly basis in accordance with the laws and reporting them to the main employer companies, as the companies are jointly (chainedly) responsible for all risks that may arise regarding the employees, even if they employ the sub-employer, as required by the titles of the main employer in the labor law.

What is Included? 

  • Check of (Payroll and) Personal documents,
  • Check of personnel entry/ exit documents,
  • Check of personnel AGİ (Personal Status Declaration) forms,
  • Check of the cutback documents of disabled personnel,
  • Check of legal parameters,
  • Check of monthly regular calculated payrolls according to timekeeping data,
  • Legal check of in-kind or cash payments to employees,
  • Control of the calculations of the wages and compensations required to be calculated for the employees leaving the job,
  • Check of the annual leave forms,
  • Application check of annual leave tracking systems,
  • Check as to whether personnel entry / exit from work is carried out in accordance with the law,
  • Check of notification/declarations that must be issued to official institutions,
  • Check of the personnel's visit approval process in the SGK (Turkish SSI) system

Why Should You Take This Service? 

If you are a large company that employs multiple subcontractors, all personnel and payroll processes must be carried out correctly and legally in order not to be penalized for the issues you are responsible for as the main employer. With this audit, you can audit the payroll and personal processes of your subcontractors and, if necessary, subject them to certain regulations. 

What Will Be the Benefits?

  • Companies that are subcontractors should be controlled very strictly with processes in accordance with the legislation, without penalty, and also they should be subject to regulations when necessary. 
  • Avoidance of the main employer from possible penalties
  • Getting the company ready by performing a preliminary audit before the next audit