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The obligation of employees to declare their identity begins with the insured's employment and ends with his/her termination from work. Identity notifications have been moved to the online environment with the law No. 7226 published on March 6, 2020. The İNKA Identity Notification System allows you to perform operations digitally and without errors.

What is Included?

The module automatically connects to and automatically reports the employment and termination of all employees.

Why Should You Take This System? 

Our module eliminates human error and digitally processes the personnel who is employed and terminated automatically with our software robots into the system. Thus, it eliminates both the loss of time and work, and prevents you from being punished by making an incorrect or incomplete notification

What Will Be the Benefit?

The module works completely digitally and makes it possible for you to track the employment and termination and make notifications for you every day. It eliminates human error, labor force loss.