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It is the approval of the medical reports without logging into the SGK (Turkish SSI) system, or the completion of the process with the option "not my employee", with the report approval screen, where the reports of the sick, maternity and occupational accident reports awaiting approval or penalized personnel can be viewed.  

What is Included?

  • The automatic software is sent to the e-mail address authorized by the company at the specified time every day; It transmits the rest, sickness, occupational accident etc. reports of the relevant workplaces from the SGK (Turkish SSI) system, listed on the basis of checked registry and person. 
  • The report confirmation screen can be downloaded and saved daily as excel. 
  • The company representative manages the process of approving and listing the relevant reports through the program and performs all these processes within seconds.
  • The system integrated into the vision screen is updated every evening with scans. 

Why Should You Take This System? 

With this software, which makes it easy for all reports to be checked and approved without penalty in workplaces with multiple SGK (Turkish SSI) records and multi-employment, the company also prevents the company from facing penalties during the transactions. In addition, performing these operations manually can lead to delays. Thanks to the software, the approval of reports can be carried out quickly and accurately.

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • Possibility of check within 2 minutes instead of unnecessary use of human resources
  • Elimination of human error 
  • Regular follow-up process
  • Loss of labor force 
  • Reset the penalty risk
  • It facilitates tracking and saves time with its convenient structure.