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Thanks to the easy-to-control and useful software screen, it is to detect problems related to debts such as unemployment debt, premium debt, administrative fines during the declaration process and to provide the necessary information flow. 

What is Included?

SGK (Turkish SSI) E-no debt screen

Why Should You Take This Report? 

As of January 2022, employers will not be able to benefit from a five-point premium reduction if any of their workplaces across Turkey have overdue insurance premiums, unemployment insurance premiums, administrative fines, and related delay penalties and default interest. In order to take advantage of this discount, the Turkish general debt inquiry has become even more important now. With this report, the workplace records that are owed are displayed altogether and can prevent possible losses.

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • Preventing problems during daily routine checks and notifications and declaration procedures in order to take advantage of the 5% discount for companies with a large number of registrations
  • As Turkey-wide debt inquiry will be taken as a basis in benefiting from the five-point discount as of January 2022, it is possible to view the debtor's records collectively and to prevent possible losses.
  • Detailed view of your debt items such as unemployment debt, premium debt, administrative fines 
  • To determine the problems that will be experienced with the debt during the declaration procedures in advance, to provide the necessary flow of information on the subject within the company.