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Within the scope of the Law No. 5746 on Supporting R&D Activities and the Law No. 4691 on Technology Development Zones, it is the service of carrying out the personnel payroll transactions in a timely and error-free manner in accordance with the regulations of SGK (Turkish SSI) and tax incentives. 

What is Included?

  • Conducting timekeeping procedures in accordance with the legislation,
  • Calculation of exceptions and incentives in R&D and all legislation, 
  • Calculating the number of full-time equivalent R&D personnel with legal obligations for both R&D and design centers on quarterly basis, 
  • Preparation of necessary information and documents related to Income Withholding Incentive within the scope of R &D.

Why Should You Take This Service? 

In companies that employ R&D centers or R&D personnel, the payroll processes of these employees require expertise and experience, and manual execution of all calculations and follow-ups causes loss of time and workforce. Thanks to our experienced team, who know the technical requirements of R&D payroll very well, and our web-based software, all transactions of R&D personnel are carried out with the assurance of İNKA in accordance with legal regulations.

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • You will get better quality service by leaving all payroll processes for R&D personnel to experts who have knowledge of R&D legislation
  • All payroll processes belonging to the employee are managed end-to-end,
  • With the self-service system, users can access the information they need
  • Provides fee confidentiality,
  • Reduces the cost of personnel and programs,
  • Increases productivity,
  • Costs are minimized. 
  • Eliminates possible risks,
  • Minimizes legal responsibilities.