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Technical Payroll Service, which is one of the processes that must be carried out by an expert, is the regulation of all salary and fringe benefits of each employee in the form of payroll, by keeping the wage confidentiality. It is the service of following the legal regulations closely with an experienced team and fulfilling all calculations according to the company's field of activity.  

What is Included?

  • Thanks to our web-based software, company officials are authorized to view and report all personnel transactions
  • Self-Service Portal allows you to view payroll, request and track and report advance payments and annual leaves
  • Carrying out all monthly timekeeping procedures belonging to the employee
  • Performing Private Pension System Operations
  • Preparation of general wage cost charts (wage payroll)
  • Preparation and reporting of payroll replenishments
  • Preparation of the Classic Accounting Receipt
  • Online notification of documents to be submitted to official institutions within the legal time limit
  • Making the calculations of the personnel who will be dismissed according to the labor law and providing the necessary documents

Why Should You Take This System? 

Technical Payroll Service is one of the processes that must necessarily be carried out by specialists. İNKA provides this with an experienced team that closely follows the legal regulations and interprets them according to the company's field of activity. All payroll processes belonging to the employee are managed end-to-end and can access the information required by the users with the self-service system. 

Thus, it allows enterprises to focus on their main activities, get rid of a significant cost and workload. 

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • Provides fee confidentiality,
  • Reduces the cost of personnel and programs,
  • Increases productivity,
  • Eliminates possible risks,
  • Minimizes legal responsibilities.