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It is a software that allows you to progress all personnel-related processes on a single screen by changing the program you are using, without outsourcing the payroll service.

What is Included?

  • Implementing timekeeping and payroll operations
  • Self-service use of annual leave and advance payment modules
  • Automatic execution and debt/receivables tracking, automatic receipt of execution letters from the system
  • Automatic receipt of payroll and accounting reports from the system
  • Uploading personal documents related to personnel to the digital archive
  • Making SGK (Turkish SSI) employment and termination procedures through the program without connecting to the SGK (Turkish SSI) site
  • Making SGK (Turkish SSI) visit approvals through the program without connecting to the SGK (Turkish SSI) website
  • Providing e-mail delivery to employees at certain periods (birthday celebration, salary increase letter, etc.)

Why Should You Take This System? 

All companies that employ personnel experience time and labor loss by manually performing all calculations and tracking related to employees. Thanks to our web-based software, all transactions belonging to the company's personnel can be viewed by the company's officials and the desired reporting can be done

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • Companies can manage all payroll processes end-to-end, fast and reliable infrastructure system under their own control 
  • Ease of viewing payroll, easily managing employees' requests for advance payment and annual leave
  • Quick implementation of all monthly timekeeping procedures belonging to the employee
  • Completion of Private Pension System operations of the personnel