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It is the consultancy service given by the Ministry of Labor to companies that want to employ foreign personnel with an experienced team, who have a good command of the permits given to companies that will employ foreign personnel, for complex legal processes.

What is Included?

  • Obtaining KEP address and e-signature on behalf of the company upon the written request of the company,
  • In case of a KEP address and e-signature, installation and authorization procedures are carried out on behalf of the company with the written request of the company, 
  • Submitting an application to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on behalf of the company at the written request of the company,
  • Follow-up of the application process within the 60-day legal process and reporting to the company
  • Translation of required diplomas, temporary graduation certificates, passports and similar documents
  • Payment of tuition fees
  • Tracking of card transactions

Why Should You Take This Service? 

Penal and administrative action is taken against foreigners working in Turkey without a valid work permit. Entry to Turkey, passport, visa and residence permit issues of foreigners determined to work without permission are examined, and those whose status is illegal are deported. In order to employ foreign personnel in our country, it is required to employ 1 foreigner for every 5 Turkish personnel and to have a paid-in capital of at least 100.000 Turkish Liras for the applicant company. In the process of obtaining work permits for foreign personnel, such complex processes are handled by the expert team of İNKA, which is an expert on the subject. 

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • The possibility of employing foreign employees in accordance with the profile within the company without being attached to the requirement of 5 to 1 ratio, 
  • Complete and error-free execution of all processes 
  • Labor force saving