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With an inquiry that the candidates can make using only their Turkish ID numbers, those who are entitled to benefit from the 17103, 27103, 6111, 2828, 6645 incentives are determined quickly and the incentive savings to be provided during the time that the priority personnel will work in the company as a result of their compliance with the incentives are easily calculated.  

What is Included? 

  • Determining which personnel candidates meet the incentive criteria provided by the SGK (Turkish SSI) prior to employment 
  • The company representative can log in to the program via the “System Membership" defined specifically for him/her,
  • Transferring the Turkish ID numbers of the candidates who are planned to be recruited to the system,
  • Listing which candidates are eligible for 17103, 27103,6111, 2828, 6645 incentives.
  • Conducting recruitment in accordance with incentives in personnel selection and calculation of the approximate incentive savings that the candidate will benefit from during his/her employment in the company. 
  • Except for this information, the personnel authorized by the company cannot see the SGK (Turkish SSI) data belonging to the company and thus your data security will be protected.

Why Should You Get this Service?

All of the incentives given by SGK (Turkish SSI) to increase employment are possible if both the insured and the employer meet certain criteria. Providing employment growth alone is not enough to receive the relevant incentives. In this sense, it is of great importance that the new personnel to be recruited is personnel with incentive. Otherwise, it will not be possible to receive incentives for new personnel who have been provided with employment. 
With the Incentive Candidate Inquiry Detection Service, it is checked whether the candidate has an incentive prior to employment. In this way, hiring candidates who provide incentives among many candidates with the same criteria creates great savings opportunities for companies.

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • By analyzing whether the personnel candidates to be recruited by the company are suitable for a SGK (Turkish SSI) Incentive before being employed, you will have the opportunity to save by hiring candidates who are provided with incentives among many candidates with the same criteria.
  • It is determined which SGK (Turkish SSI) incentives will be used by the most suitable and most economical candidates who are eligible for the incentive.

How Much Can You Save?  

Currently, it is possible to achieve an average annual savings of 9.307,44 Turkish Liras and a maximum savings of 69.806 Turkish Liras for each insured person. For this reason, the ability of companies to manage incentive income will also be of great benefit in reducing personnel expenses.