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It is the search, selection, and placement service of more than one candidate for the same level and job role.

What is included? 

  • Determination of the level of work mastery required by description
  • Search for candidates
  • Personality Inventory or general aptitude tests, technical skills tests (these are a separate budget item)
  • Interview processes
  • Reference Check 
  • Oral and written communication of the job offer to the candidate
  • Request and follow-up of employment documents
  • Determination of the employment date

Why Should You Get this Service?

When it is necessary to hire more than one candidate with the same qualifications for a long-term project in your company, the process of simultaneous search for more than one candidate according to the specified criteria can be very long and inefficient. Mass interviews and recruitment of multiple people can turn into a difficult and exhausting process.  

Thanks to İNKA's constantly updated CV database, which consists of candidates with different qualifications and its experienced staff, the most suitable candidates for your company's needs are reached, and the right people are determined as a result of the interviews. All processes of recruitment are carried out with a great attention to detail. 

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • In mass recruitment processes, you reach much more similar candidate sources.
  • The process is managed confidentially.
  • A positive contribution is made to the employer brand value in the eyes of the candidates.
  • Time and Labor force saving is achieved
  • Level-specific interview techniques