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It is the service of providing personnel for the retail industry, which has a rising trend, via a pool of educated and well-communicated candidates, mostly university students and new graduates

What is included? 

  • Determination of the job description and skills required
  • Determination of the need for the industrial experience and knowledge
  • Job posting for our large pool of candidates
  • Search for candidates
  • Personality Inventory or general aptitude tests, technical skills tests (these are a separate budget item)
  • Interview processes
  • Reference Check 
  • Oral and written communication of the job offer to the candidate
  • Request and follow-up of employment documents
  • Determination of the employment date

Why Should You Get this Service?

Due to the high turnover of the experienced staff in the service and retail industries, there is a difficulty in finding the trained and stable personnel. You can prevent workforce loss by continuously ensuring the supply for the required positions all around Turkey throughout the year, without being affected by the speed and intensity of employee turnover. Thanks to INKA’s experience in seasonal staff service and rich student & young talent CV database, the right people are determined for your requirements. During the process, all steps are carried out with a great attention to detail, until recruitment is complete. 

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • You can take advantage of a wide pool of candidates, and you will access to more candidates. 
  • You will be able to minimize the impact of employee turnover. 
  • You will save time for your other Human Resources processes
  • You will save labor force.