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To calculate how many employees with incentives will be added to the incentive list according to the average calculation on the basis of SGK (Turkish SSI) registry, and to provide the simulation of the probability calculation as well as the additional incentive calculation for the companies. Thanks to the simulation structure built with a special expertise, it is possible to manage recruitment planning cost-oriented by finding out how many employees will earn incentives in seconds in the event of a decrease and increase in staffing.

What is İncluded? 

A simulation of probability calculation is submitted by calculating the additional incentive earnings that will occur if the number of employees in the workplaces of potential incentive personnel is increased on a registry basis.

Why Should You Get this Service?

SGK (Turkish SSI) employment incentives provide benefits in proportion to employment growth, but employment growth alone is not enough. It is also necessary to ensure that employees in your workplace are hired within the scope of potential incentive personnel. It requires a complex calculation of how many potential incentive employees will be added to the incentive list with an increase in staff compared to the average account of workplaces on the basis of the SGK (Turkish SSI) registry. Thanks to the simulation structure we have built, the amount of incentive, how much is gained or lost can be calculated automatically in seconds in case of personnel decrease or increase. Managing your recruitment planning with the average account of the workplace in your relevant SGK (Turkish SSI) registry number allows you to instantly see how much the hired personnel cost can be reduced with additional incentive personnel and allows you to increase your incentive income.

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • In companies with more than one registry, additional incentive earnings are calculated in which registry the personnel candidates to be recruited are employed.
  • Due to the increase in the number of employees of the workplace, it is ensured that the employees who are eligible for the incentive are not stuck with the number of employees.
  • Incentive income is increased by checking the recruitment plans with the workplace average account in the relevant SGK (Turkish SSI) registry number and instantly viewing how much the cost of newly hired personnel can be reduced with additional incentive personnel.
  • Profit and efficiency are obtained from the recruitment process by identifying the personnel with incentive suitability among the personnel with the same qualifications. 
  • Maximum benefit is obtained for each personnel to be recruited and the location to be recruited is determined according to the incentive profit.