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It is the service of talent acquisition according to the values and priorities of the companies. Search, selection and placement are realized based on the competency models to support the goals of the companies.

  • It includes non-manager roles for all job families: Accounting Specialist, Sales Specialist, Operations Specialist, Production Engineer, Sales Engineer, etc.
  • It includes the managerial roles responsible for decision making and human resources management: Sales Manager, HR Manager, Production Manager, Accounting Manager, Operations Manager, R&D Manager, Regional Manager, Team Leader, Chain Stores Manager, etc.
  • The senior executive scope includes all levels of roles of the General Manager and N-1 (At the level of Directors such as CFO, Factory Manager, Marketing Manager, General Coordinator, etc.). 

What is included? 

  • Determination of the level of work mastery required by description
  • Search for candidates
  • Personality / Competency Inventories (it is a separate budget item)
  • Interview processes
  • Basic Competency Assessment Analysis
  • Reference Check
  • Assessment Center (it is a separate budget item)
  • Oral and written communication of the job offer to the candidate
  • Request and follow-up of employment documents
  • Determination of the employment date

Why Should You Get this Service?

The selection process of a candidate in accordance with the goals and priorities of the company is a process that requires long searches, negotiations and even sometimes confidentiality. In addition, an external consultant filter is also needed.  Thanks to İNKA's constantly updated CV database consisting of candidates at all levels and broad network of the experienced consultants, the most suitable candidates for your corporate strategy and job descriptions are reached and the right people are determined. Moving forward with the consultant filter reduces the workload of the human resources department in the process of matching the right candidate for the right job is effective in closing positions in a short time. All processes of recruitment are carried out with a great attention to detail.

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • You will have access to a great source of candidates
  • By obtaining the support of consultants in finding and recruiting strategic senior roles, it helps the company to build a more effective corporate stance outside in competitive environment.  
  • The process maintains confidentially
  • A positive contribution will be realized to the employer branding and the reputation of the company.
  • Time and labor force savings are provided to the Human Resources department
  • Special interview techniques are performed based on the level of the roles.