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It is to equip the most suitable candidates for the on-site promotion, merchandiser and activity personnel requests of companies throughout Turkey to be ready for the operational processes and bring them to the site. It is the creation of permanent or seasonal teams that will best represent the brand for the target audience in direct marketing and promotional activities

What is Included?

  • Carrying out personnel planning and recruitment in accordance with the project details.
  • In line with the project requirements, planning the requirements such as vehicle - tablet - phone - data line and so on and making the necessary purchases / rentals
  • In case software is required for the project, software planning is done and it is delivered for use
  • Daily monitoring of personnel operations, monitoring and reporting of activities with vehicle tracking systems 
  • Ensuring the information flow that will enable the recruited personnel to promote the brand's product(s) directly to the end user.
  • Ensuring the availability of brand product(s) at the point of sale, stock control

Why Should You Get This Service? 

Selection, placement, payroll and operation follow-up processes of the personnel that will be needed for the necessary operation in order for the product(s) to be preferred by the end users or for the promotion of new products which may constitute a serious burden. With the most appropriate planning by our expert and experienced project team, you can ensure the shelf availability / product promotion / end user reach rate you dream of.
By getting this service from İNKA, you can allocate the time you spend on personnel and operational management processes to focus on your core business and increase your operational efficiency.

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • The fact that all the processes you need are carried out by the İNKA saves labor force and time in your company.
  • In different industries, they provide better service or product to the customers of the company by supplying temporary personnel specific to the service needed,
  • The workload that may occur due to increased work intensity is reduced. 
  • As a result of the fact that the legal obligations are completely handled by İNKA, the company is prevented from taking risks