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It is the supply service of expert personnel responsible for managing the company processes on behalf of the event venue in outdoor or indoor areas where events such as concerts and sports competitions take place. 

What is Included? 

  • Personnel planning for your sports and event management according to the demand, experienced, trained and fulfilled all legal obligations,
    • Welcome and Guidance staff
    • Ticket Check staff
    • Safety Deposit staff
    • Cloakroom staff
    • Catering staff
    • The Backstage Attendant
    • Personnel assigned to shuttle points
  • Execution of personnel and SGK (Turkish SSI) procedures,
  • Managing the operation process,
  • Check of timekeeping and notification,
  • Legal notices and making payments.

Why Should You Get This Service? 

Every event venue needs seasonal staffing daily for the event day. Event venues cannot provide tens of staff full-time, and they meet their increasing needs on event days with seasonal staff. As İNKA Human Resources, we have been an expert in the industry in the provision of seasonal personnel for more than 20 years, we provide this service in the most appropriate way with the most equipped and experienced personnel. You, too, will have a smooth and enjoyable experience from the moment your guests enter the area (parking lot, ticket control, etc.) until they leave at the end of the event, and you will get rid of the extra workload. 

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • Perfect customer satisfaction is ensured by the supply of experienced and well-equipped personnel suitable for your needs during sports and event periods.
  • The execution of all processes related to personnel procurement by İNKA saves labor and time in your company.
  • As a result of the legal obligations being entirely handled by İNKA, the company is prevented from taking risks.