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It provides the opportunity to solve the temporary workforce needs required for a certain period of time without the need for full-time employment. They are solutions for personnel needs with the Temporary Business Relationship Authorization Document Service in case of an employee leaving due to maternity or military service leave, in seasonal agricultural works, in works that are not considered as daily work of your company and that are needed intermittently, in case of an unpredictable increase in the demand for their goods and services, in case of an increase in seasonal work excluding seasonal works, there is an emergency in terms of occupational health and safety.  

What is Included? 

  • Provision of personnel suitable for the project
  • Follow-up of the staff during the project, timekeeping,
  • Follow-up of payroll processes
  • Recruitment of personnel with flexible human resources,
  • Creation of payrolls of the personnel on a monthly basis according to the timekeeping data,
  • Follow-up and cut-off of business advances, long-term debts, enforcement cuts and similar personnel debts,
  • Tracking annual permits,
  • Performing Automatic Private Pension System Operations,
  • Delivery of monthly wage payrolls to employees
  • Preparation of expense-centered cost charts
  • Follow-up of billing and payment processes
  • Making the termination procedures and calculations together, preparing the necessary documents
  • Online notification of documents to be provided to official institutions within the legal period,

Why Should You Get This Service?

Businesses that want to establish a temporary business relationship for various reasons have to get services from companies that have documents. Without this document, it is not possible to recruit personnel at seasonal densities.

With the support of software, İNKA carries out faultlessly and fluently all processes, such as the provision of personnel suitable for the needs of the companies, without the increase in the norm staff in the periodic workloads of the companies, and the operational processes of the personnel, legal processes, and limit calculations. During periods when you need seasonal staffing, share your needs (project date, place of duty and the characteristics of the staff they request) with us, never think about other processes. 

What Will Be the Benefit?

With the ability to solve the labor supply required by employers for a short period of time without full-time employment the following are achieved;

  • It saves costs and time
  • The responsibility of the employer is in the private employment office, the employer does not take risks