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In stores where retail and fast-moving consumer goods are sold; It is the provision of temporary on-site support personnel for all works required above the norm staff capacity such as product sales, alarming, labeling, department arrangement and gift packaging.

While brands can carry out their processes with norm staff (full-time employees) in standard periods in their stores, they need short-term employees during sales peaks such as discount periods, back to school period, Black Friday, and therefore when customer circulation is high. Meeting these requirements with personnel who are employed in accordance with the legislation, who are experienced and all processes are carried out by İNKA, instead of any personnel, will contribute to the efficiency of the store, increase customer satisfaction and ensure the operation of the processes.

What is Included?

  • Investigation of temporary sales support staff suitable for the requested tasks and transfer of commissioning processes and project details all over Turkey
  • Execution of employment and termination, personnel & SGK (Turkish SSI) procedures
  • Managing the operation process
  • Implementing timekeeping check without errors 
  • Ensuring legal notices and payments are made without error
  • Submission of standard reports that the company can follow the processes   
  • Tracking of salaries, liens and administration cuts
  • Preparation of the bank file
  • Performing automatic Personal Pension System operations,
  • Processing and tracking of SGK (Turkish SSI) reports to the system,
  • Managing the entire operational process, such as monitoring the personnel from the time they go to their place of duty to the end of the project, managing processes such as personnel information updates, overtime situations, and taking quick action in cases where personnel changes are required (health problems, performance, etc.).

Why Should You Get This Service?

It is very costly for the brands to solve the temporary job increases with the supply of full-time personnel, and it is a serious burden to keep these personnel on their own payrolls. For this reason, the most suitable solution for temporary needs is the provision of temporary on-site support staff.

Having the largest and most up-to-date Temporary Personnel Database and Temporary Employment Relationship Certificate in Turkey, İNKA is the Private Employment Office No. 453 affiliated with İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Agency). Thanks to our above 20 years of Temporary Personnel Selection and Placement experience, our representative offices in 50 cities, our service network covering the whole of Turkey, and our experience in different projects and on-site operations, we aspire to meet the personnel requirements of the companies at any time, in desired number and quality. We also carry out all the operational process and performance monitoring of all the personnel placed in the temporary project until the project is completed. 

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • The execution of all the processes in question by İNKA HR saves labor and time in your company.
  • In different industries, during periods of increased shopping speed, they provide a better service or product to the customers of the company with the provision of temporary personnel,
  • The workload that may occur due to increased work intensity is reduced. 
  • As a result of the legal obligations being entirely handled by İNKA, the company is prevented from taking risks