High record job opportunity by İNKA


İNKA Human Resources Company serves local and foreign companies with its Specialized, experienced, dynamic staff in all sectors through its Recruitment, Payroll Services ,Flexible Labour and Training, Consultancy services being our 4 main areas of activity in the 7 regions of Turkey and abroad thanks to its Integrated Human Resources Solutions. İnka human resources is your business partner that offers you all alternatives in human resources and employment solutions.

Having been involved in the human resources sector for 13 years with the motto “more than HR” and creating difference with all of its human resources services mainly flexible labour supply service; İnka has served about 700 companies in more than 30 sectors in the last year.

Particularly specialized in flexible labour supply for congresses, direct marketing, several organizations, road show, concerts etc., İnka offered provided nearly 4 thousand projects with human resources support last year. Within the scope of these projects where more than 4 thousand people were given employment, there were periodical events as well as production and logistic facility services and accommodation, food and beverage sectors.


“In human resources, traditional approaches are replaced by new tendencies and new expectations. Human resources has to renew itself and keep pace with the changing world. And we take our place in the new HR understanding with our dynamic structure. Thanks to our effective solutions, we have specialized in providing personnel support with necessary skills and competences no matter which organization we encounter,” said Gökhan Yenici, Member of the Board at İnka.

Having stated that human resources is no longer limited to finding a job, Yenici mentioned that İnka has adopted it a principle to become a trusted brand in the fields of payroll services, recruitment and training consultancy besides flexible labour force in which İnka is specialized.

İnka serves in the fields of recruitment, payroll services and management consultancy besides flexible labour force supply.

Gökhan Yenici added that they provide mid-level and high level managers’ employment in different positions every year in the field of recruitment. Through İnka Payroll service, all kinds of service in relation to the personal processes of the institutions are executed in compliance with the labour law and social security legislation. Having underlined the provision of Management Consultancy services, Yenici said that they have succeeded much in supplying qualified human resource through the trainings they have been providing.

Gökhan Yenici, a Member of the Board at İnka, mentioned that the presence of international and multinational companies in Turkey is of great importance for the sectoral improvement and said “İnka Human Resources also offers flexible labour force supply unlike multinational HR companies through our 81-person staff. We serve all around Turkey with our headquarters in Istanbul. We also provide special local personnel support for organizations whenever needed.”