Our Latest Generation and Latest Version SSI Incentive Software 4.0!

Being compatible with the current SSI system, we reset all SSI originated risks and errors via our new software Incentive 4.0.

We Eliminate Human Error

We Automatically Convert XMLs via Incentive 4.0. We Eliminate Human Workload and Human Error.

Via Incentive 4.0, we implement necessary incentive investigations over the personnel statements that are reported to the SSI system each month, and we convert those insured within the scope of SSOI incentives to the corresponding law numbers and submit them to approval.

We Enable Increase in Your Incentive Receivables

Thanks to Incentive 4.0, We Enable 5% to 30% Increase in Your Past and Current Period Incentive Receivables.

Since our Incentive 4.0 software is compatible with SSI system, we accurately run all incentive parameters up to the tiniest detail and we provide our customers with those incentives in the most efficient manner without giving rise to wrong incentive reporting.

Via Incentive 4.0, We Analyze Your Additions - Cancellations Up To Present.

As a result of the analysis, we prevent your punishment if none occurred yet for the past improper reports.

We determine the amount to be collected by your customers over their current applications and additional cancellations loaded and we clearly report how much additional amount can be gained to our customers.

Same Day Transaction

We Reset All Risks and Errors Via Incentive 4.0. We Complete the Transactions on the Same Day after Loading XMLs.

We end all transactions in a fast and reliable manner without creating time loss and workload.

No Additional Workload!

Thanks to Incentive 4.0, We Eliminate Payrolling, Monthly Law Type Amendments etc. Additional Workloads!

With the new generation software Incentive 4.0, we create labour saving for our customers.

Auto Track

With Incentive 4.0, We Automatically Track All Incentives To Take Effect and Make You Benefit From Them As Soon As They Take Effect!

We Report

With Incentive 4.0, We Present Individual Based Current and Past Report. We Report From Which Months, From Which Individuals and Incentives The Increase Was Constituted and Submit Proof To You.

We prepare the individual based analysis report which causes incomplete benefit for the insured within the scope of the Incentive.

We Figure out Even 1 TL Difference Via Incentive 4.0

Through the algorithm established by us to obtain maximum benefit specific to the current incentives, we enable our customers to take advantage of the incentive at the highest rate and in the most accurate manner without causing any loss.

Fast Support

You Can Receive Support from our Personnel Specialized in the Field of Social Security and Labour Law and You Can Perform Retrospective Receivables Offsetting in the Fastest Manner.

As a result of the analysis made in relation to the past period, we track the receivables that our customers are entitled to within SSI. We enable the offsetting of these receivables in the fastest manner.

Scanned Incentives Table

SSI 5510 Article 81/I - 5% Discount
INKA 5510 5510 / Article 81 / I - 5 points discount for the insured taken abroad
INKA 5510 5510/Article 81 / 2 - Regional employment additional 6 points incentive
INKA 5510 5510 / Additional Article 2 - Incentive applied on the government aids in regional investments
INKA 4447 4447 / Article 50 - Employment incentive for those receiving unemployment benefit
INKA 6111 4447 / Temporary Article 10 - Young woman and vocational certificate owner employment incentive
INKA 6645 Temporary Article 15 - On-the-job training incentive
INKA 4857 4857 - Article 30 - Disabled employment incentive
INKA 5746 5746 - Article 3 -Research and Development and Design incentive (With the Employer and Solution partner)
INKA 5225 5225 / Article 5 - Culture and Tourism investment certificate incentive (With the Employer and Solution partner)
INKA 5225 5225 / Article 5 - Culture and Tourism initiative certificate incentive (With the Employer and Solution partner)
INKA 17103 4447 / Temporary Article 17 - Year 2017 manufacturing or information sector employer incentive
INKA 27103 4447 / Temporary Article 17 - Year 2017 manufacturing or other sectors employer incentive
INKA 4447 4447 / Temporary Article 20 - Alternate premium incentive (Incentive time expired)
INKA 4447 4447 / Temporary Article 20 - Alternate wage support (Daily) incentive (Incentive time expired)
INKA 3294 3294 / Additional Article 5 - Those receiving social aid
INKA 3294 2828 / Additional Article 1 - Those benefiting from social services

• We offer all these services in our Incentive 4.0 Software

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