New Incentives Explained During National Employment Council on 14 December 2017

As a result of the researches we have made;

1. . It is not still certain whether Minimum Wage Support of daily 3,33 TL will come to an end and it is expected that the decision will be to continue to it.

2. Incentive no 6111 will continue till 31.12.2020.

3. Incentive no 6645 that is used in on-the-job training program and later on will be continued in 2018. The duration of the on-the-job training programs will continue for 3 months and this duration was extended to 6 months in Manufacturing and Information sectors.

4. Even if incentives no 687 and 1687 come to an end, the incentive will continue under the same terms in 2018. The Law to be issued – KHK –
along with Council of Ministers etc. regulation, either the effective date of KHK no 687-1687 will be extended or the incentive will be continued with a new law number. While it will be continued to over minimum wage in other sectors like in 2017; insurance and tax incentive will be used over the gross wage of the insured up to 4.740 TL in the information and manufacturing sectors. No legal regulation has been made in this regard.

5. The regional incentive regarding the provinces in the lists no I and II (6%) will come to an end on 31.12.2017. However, we think this incentive will also continue in 2018 with a new legal regulation to be issued.

6. For the businesses having three or less employees, operating in the Manufacturing sector and having certificate of mastership, the wages, social security premiums and taxes of the young people between 18 – 25 years old employed in addition to the current number of employees in 2018 will be paid by the employer for one month, and the government for another month.

7. With the incentive which will start to be applied in 2018, young people between 18 – 25 years old, women and people with disabilities will be benefiting from the incentive for 18 months. It is not clear yet whether this incentive will be included within the scope of 687-1687 or whether it will be issued under a new law number. Legal regulation is expected.

We will continue our services and information for our valued customers’ benefiting from the incentives in maximum in line with the notices and circulars to be established about the abovementioned incentives.