İNKA is now a Member of GAN Turkey

İNKA took its place in GAN (Global Apprenticeship Network) Turkey which involves the most prestigious companies of Turkey as members. Young unemployment issue which has gradually increased following global crisis became one of the prior items of the agendum in G20 as in the whole world. Within this framework, Bu çerçevede, B20 (Business 20) and L20 (Labour 20) demonstrates the same attitude in that on-the-job-training will be a solution for young unemployment and mobilized Business Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) before International Organization of Employers (IOE) and OECD and founded Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN) in 2013 through ILO’s support. Pursuant to the international contract between GAN and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, priorities are given to GAN Turkey members for Turkish Employment Agency incentives and they are provided with faster solutions. Being the only human resources company that gives Turkish Employment Agency advisory service among GAN Turkey members, İNKA already solves many problems of the customers in recruitment and incentive matters. Following GAN Turkey membership, İNKA aims to both effectively solve the increasing young unemployment and contribute to young recruitment and produce fast and effective solutions for its customers.