Integrated HR Approach

Most of the businesses having short term planning have superficial overview about management systems. And this is like the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, what sustains the business and provides competitive advantage in the long run is the integrated approach with the tip of the iceberg.

İnka looks over which human resources methods are actively executed in your business and questions which functions you should adapt to create a human capital with outstanding performance with our human resources professionals.

What is İNKA Integrated HR Service Process?

Human resources processes are so connected to each other that the effective management of human resources of the organization depends on the balanced establishment and execution of all these processes paying sufficient attention to their interaction with each other.

In other words, being very good at one or multiple processes does not necessarily mean HR management is implemented very well. The chain is broken from the weakest ring. Furthermore, the established systems can remain unfounded when priorities are not taken into consideration among some HR processes.

And İnka manages this challenging process via the 7-phase integrated service on behalf you.

Advantages of İnka Integrated HR Service


You can gather HR services under a single roof and execute your Process within integrity.


You can gather HR services under a single roof and reduce your costs.


You can gather the HR resources that you need under a single roof and obtain additional incomes via employment incentives consultancy.