Musts for our candidates

– In order to avoid creating expectation, we learn the expectations/career plans of the individuals pre-interview on the phone. We invite them to interview if they have the potential to prefer the company or to be preferred by the potential project so that we do not make them busy.

– During the interview, the details to influence the company-candidate union in the long run such as corporate culture/working conditions/career plan are shared with the candidates in an explicit manner but not to violate our privacy agreement.

– None of the candidates will be left without response about the process considering the feedbacks obtained in the consultancy or from the company.

– Thank you returns will be made even if we do not have a project suitable for the criteria of the candidates making “general application”.

– Even in the projects with multiple recruitment, we prefer one to one interview with our candidates as long as we do not have extreme time limit.

Our business is human resources and the secret of our success lies in touching human life…

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