One More Brick for You…

Loyalty is priceless for us. We do not like the word “customer” so much and we prefer the companies to be our business partners. That is why we work with the companies through an integrated service concept. We can list the same modeling for our targets in 2018 in recruitment services to grow together with the same mentality.

we have developed a special work modelling for the companies which have their recruitment services made through İnka only and the companies which wish to try to take their recruitment processes from İnka.

Permanent customers will be offered pricing within the scope of consultancy instead of per candidate. The higher the recruitment counts are the more free recruitment service they deserve from us. For example, you recruit 10 and more for your company for 12 months; you will have supplied 10+3 (free) personnel. The only condition here is that you recruit from us and sign our 1-year consulting agreement.