Incentive Analysis

19 different employment incentives are used together in Turkey starting from 2019. Many employers pay high amounts of premiums to SGK because they cannot properly benefit from the incentives to which they are entitled.

However, there can be savings from premium expenses when SSI declaration is revised thereby considering all of the incentives in effect.

Employment Incentives Analysis

  • Social Security Incentives
  • Turkish Employment Agency Incentives
  • R&D, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Tübitak) and Turquality Incentives

HR Process Analysis

  • Performance Management
  • Wage Management
  • Career Management
  • Training Management
  • Job Analysis
  • Motivation Management
  • Organizational Development

Job and Social Security Risk Analysis

The Purpose of Job and Social Security Risk Analysis is to try to eliminate those risks within the process thereby revealing the mistakes knowingly or unknowingly made by the companies while employing personnel and/or the risks they take.
As a result of the risk analysis made, the risks are revealed, road maps are determined to make corrections and improvements and actions are taken.

Major topics to analyze,

  • Analysis of compliance with law no 5510 and applicable legislation,
  • Analysis of compliance with law no 4857 and applicable legislation,
  • Auditing personnel expense records in the accounting calculations,
  • Compliance check for the personal files, employment contracts, regulations and all kinds of documents and forms,
  • General auditing etc. all examinations made by labour inspectors and SSI inspectors,