Payrolling Service Processes

We fulfil all tasks that you expect from the Payroll and Personal Affairs department of your company via our professional, experienced and specialized staff.

SSI and Turkish Employment Agency

SSI recruitment

SGK leave of employment

Monthly SSI declaration

Business registration and shutdown

Turkish Employment Agency notifications

Personal Management

Payroll envelopes

Personal file

Calculating seniority

Calculating notice

Termination notice

Employment contract

Employment certificate

Certificate of release

Permit Management

Annual leave

Unpaid leave

Rest reports

Birth, death, marriage


Collecting or transferring scores

Payroll calculation

Social benefits

Additional wages

Additional deductions

Overtime work



Detailed payroll

Title or person based cost

Department or business based cost

Technical Payroll

Technical Payroll covers the planning of the whole legal process from the employee’s start date of employment and executing them until the employee’s cease of employment.

In the Technical Payroll, the SSI files of the personnel are with you while the whole legal process is under our control.


Wouldn’t it be nice to meet the labour requirements of your company without taking any legal responsibility as well as save from that? That is exactly the service that İnka offers you.

Let İnka to execute all payroll processes of your personnel and reduce your workload and contribute to your power of doing business!

Scope of Our Payrolling Services

  • Making all payroll transactions,
  • Recruitment and leave procedures, personal file papers check,
  • Wage garnishment and execution deductions follow-up
  • Bank file preparation
  • Payroll summary preparation,
  • Preparing special reports requested by Financial Affairs,
  • Making Automatic Individual Pension transactions,
  • Preparing all monthly premium service declarations and entering them into SSI system,
  • Processing SSI reports in the system and their follow-up,
  • Taking the letters “no e-debt” system if requested to indicate no SSI debt,
  • Performing SSI business opening/shutdown procedures,
  • Sending notices about occupational accidents
  • Making annual leave follow-up and calculations, person-based leave agreements,
  • Fulfilling calculations and add-cancel declaration procedures as a result of reemployment lawsuits,
  • Forwarding the payrolls to the employees in printed or electronic form upon request,
  • Preparing visa papers for the employees who will be going abroad.
  • Preparing cost reports in line with the companies’ requests in budget periods
  • Seniority Loads, Annual leave Reports or any other special reports requested by the company

Payroll Process Consulting Operational Project Management

Within the scope of our Outsourcing Services, in addition to the fundamental services, we manage and report all of the inventory management parameters that are needed in the matters such as Rental Car, Fuel, Mobile Phone, Gsm Line, Laptop, Mobile Internet Data Line, Accommodation, Private Health Insurance etc. for our customers.

Benefits of Payrolling Services

Cost Saving

Eliminates the costs of HR departments to be spent on all payroll processes such as training, production, suitable software programs, and qualified personnel requirements.


Companies can focus on the main areas of business and deal with more productive projects and therefore increase their efficiency and take a stronger place in the local and global markets.


Our company fulfils even the most complicated payroll transactions in a more accurate and consistent manner thanks to its specialists with favourable technological opportunities.


Payrolls processed are forwarded to you in compliance with your requests and structure of business with privacy that prevents third persons to obtain information.


Records regarding the wages and employees are kept private to ensure information safety.


You will be having the chance to determine and apply the payroll reports in compliance with your requests and structure of business and thus preventing trouble processes that might be encountered in payroll activities.


A payrolling company with all kinds of equipments and experience in its field eliminates all negative processes both by employee-employer and legal authorities that might originate from potential payroll error thanks to its current legislation infrastructure and support.


With a timetable to be created based on the scores, payments and payroll closure dates determined by you, the payrolling company will be responsible for executing payroll transactions and thus you will be able to peacefully carry out your business in your own field.

Legal Liability

The outsourcing company will be responsible for all legal liability for all kinds of activities to be implemented within the payroll process, compensating potential penalties to be encountered, fulfilling liabilities and eliminating the mistakes.


Reliable execution of the payroll activities is directly proportionate to the efficiency of the employees in that department; therefore, the payroll processes of a company that has received payrolling service will not be affected by negative conditions such as the sick leaves of the employees, disruption in the operation of the business.