SSI Incentive Report

We check overall Social Security Incentive items that could not be used until today, that were used missing or that could be used and report them to you.

We sustain this process by means of a software app of İNKA. You only need to go to “Special For You” section and enter the requested details incomplete.

The system prepares all data in the background in line with the details entered in this web interface and presents a report to the user at the end of the day

We have shared this report with hundreds of companies and implemented their Social Security incentive analyses till today. We determined Unanticipated Income/Saving items and let the companies gain serious money.

Missing Days Analysis
SSI Cost Report
Turnover Analysis
Personnel Transfer List
Social Report
Occupational Code Analysis
Social Security Incentive Reports
City and File based Age Analysis

Create your Incentive Report

You simply need to subscribe to our system in order to create the savings report that your company would obtain. You can learn your savings in minutes thanks to our specially designed software!

SSI Incentive and Labour and Social Security in Figures


Number of active customers


Up-to-date gained amount of incentive


Number of scanned personnel per month


Past incentive figures set-off


Number of SSI files worked on