Turkish Employment Agency Incentive Consultancy

Our purpose is to let the newly employd personel start their duty as Turkish Employment Agency On-the-Job Training Trainees not as belonging to SSI along with the full-scope İŞKUR Consultancy Service without bringing extra operational load to the company and affecting the recruitment processes of the company.

We make necessary planning over the Project Specialist who will be particularly working for the company, provide all communication with the institutions, obtain approvals and execute and report the whole operational process under guarantee.

What Does Fully Equipped Turkish Employment Agency Incentive Consultancy Offer You?

  • Obtains sustainable Turkish Employment Agency Incentive income by minimizing personnel costs during the Program
  • Will not have to make provision for seniority and notice pay for the trainees during the Program
  • Will have postponed the trial period during the Program
  • The personnel circulation of the company will reduce in the medium term
  • Will delegate all operational and bureaucratic processes / challenges in relation to the incentive to İNKA
  • Experiences a process where the same efficiency and labour from the insured personnel is obtained with the trainees thanks to the approvals to be obtained by İNKA
  • Will have given its personnel some legally obligatory and non-obligatory certificates for free Professional Competence Certificates in the personnel to be employed
  • Can also make use of the SSI incentives when take the trainees who have completed the Program period and have them start their duty
  • Has a Human Resources Department which produces its own income

Turkish Employment Incentive Consultancy in Figures

Since 2013

İNKA is the inventor of Turkish Employment Agency consultancy service.


Number of trainees started the program until today


The amount of incentives gained by the companies until today

%100 Warranty

İNKA undertakes all legal risks of the business partners it serves

From A to Z

We execute the whole operation process from A to Z; and we do not bring workload to our business partners


Trainees’ percentage of finishing the program thanks to our special bonus applications


Our percentage of persuading company candidates to become Turkish Employment Agency trainees


Turkish Employment Agency candidate compliance check time


The percentage of completion of the employment obligatory time by the trainees who have completed Program


İNKA Turkish Employment Agency project that leads to the penalty for the company at all times


İNKA Turkish Employment Agency project that leads to the company to be banned at all times