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At a time when fixed and operational costs increase every day, many companies create great advantages for themselves by obtaining Turkish Employment Agency Incentive Income.

You can contribute to Employment Mobilization and save from your fixed costs by choosing one of your employee’s among the candidates who have not worked with insurance in the last one month and start that employee with On-the-Job-Training Program.

Provided saving 2,400 TL Net a month
from a trainee,

You can obtain the following Turkish Employment Agency Incentive Income:
720,000 TL if you start 100 Trainees a year
2,160,000 TL if you start 300 Trainees a year.

İNKA Human Resources manages all processes with Turkish Employment Agency on your behalf and obtains necessary approvals, does not bring workload to your company; allows you to receive the same efficiency from the personnel who started with insurance, brings about special solutions for your company, and allows you to obtain a maximized and sustainable incentive income.

To learn more about our references we serve within this scope, you can reach us via our contact info below and you can use the following link to create a Turkish Employment Agency income projection specific to your company by one click.