What is an Integrated HR Center? 

Integrated Human Resources is a human resources system that enables you to obtain all the services that affect and are related to human resources processes from a single point, completely, uninterruptedly, digitally, and incentive-centered via offering a wide variety of products and advantages.

As İNKA, we position ourselves as a partner of the HR department at every stage of Human Resources processes. We are not taking over their business; we are trying to support them with our analysis and consultancy in their processes, speeding them up and ensuring that they are error-free by digitalizing the business processes with our software solutions. In fact, by informing them about incentive issues that are often never on their agenda and ensuring that they benefit from appropriate incentives. We are trying to help them become a department that not only generates expenses, but also converts a part of its expenses to generating income.

As İNKA, we adopt an Integrated Human Resources approach by positioning ourselves as an Integrated Human Resources Center. We know the needs and problems in every process of human resources and bring solutions to them with our six different business units. 

We don't see Human Resources as just recruitment or payroll. We approach the Human Resources industry from a holistic and strategic point of view. While providing recruitment services to our customers, we also offer our incentive services so that they can save on the staff they hire. We analyze the employees we manage in terms of payroll processes and what incentives they can benefit from. While offering recruitment services, we get to know our customers and their cultures in detail, so that we act well together with and on behalf of their HR department and take actions to make them more efficient in their organizational structures. In addition to the new hires, we also produce solutions to increase the competencies of the existing personnel aiming to increase the efficiency and retention of all personnel. 

That is why we look at all processes as a whole and do not distinguish human resources processes from each other. We analyze all your needs in the processes and offer you all the available solutions. If you wish, you can utilize only the solutions upon your priority and needs or you can entrust all your processes to us. 

İNKA Human Resources is the only human resources company where you can get all the services in the field of human resources at the same time, all over Turkey and in a digital environment.   

What are the Benefits of Integrated HR Service?

  • Less interaction in communication 
  • Possible interruptions in business processes are prevented.
  • Cost savings are achieved.
  • Risks are minimized.
  • Productivity increases.
  • Additional revenues are provided.
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