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It is based on the principle of "management with objectives and competencies", based on the corporate culture, acting together, making annual planning according to the objecives and KPIs set by top management, and assessing the results of this plan effectively. The two components of this approach are: 

  • OKR- Objectives & Key Results- Determination and assessment of goals
  • KSA- Key Skills Assessment- Assessment according to the behaviors and skills that support the competency model

What is Included? 

  • It is implemented by cascading the business objectives that support the strategic goals of the company to all business units and job holders according to their areas of responsibility.
  • Setting the objectives of the company
  • Objective setting training to all users
  • Design of Annual performance cycle
  • Pilot execution and observations for the first year
  • Progress for the following year
  • Relevant PMS trainings are held for managerial level
  • The competence model of the company is designed
  • Employees are assessed upon the behavioral indicators 
  • Digitalizing of the whole process whereas possible

Why Should You Take This System?

  • It is necessary to assess the quality and quantity of the work performed.
  • It is necessary to support employee development as well as the company performance improvement.
  • It emphasizes that values and behaviors in the formation of culture are as important as the job performance. 
  • It is to measure & evaluate, to confirm the success and to identify the areas of development.

What Will Be the Benefits?

  • The formation of corporate culture is supported by the model with the contribution of employees via goals and behavioral examples.
  • Employees experience the progress and development and hence it strengthens the sense of belonging.
  • The right talents are to be identified to guide the company on the way to vision.
  • Development opportunities and supporting activities will reveal measurable savings on company profitability and efficiency over time.