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In addition to providing personnel services by managing the full-time or seasonal selection and placement processes of the companies, it is the payroll services for outsourced services which is also carried out professionally.

What is Included?

  • Recruitment of personnel with flexible human resources,
  • Creation of payrolls of the personnel on a monthly basis according to the timekeeping data,
  • Follow-up and cut-off of business advances, long-term debts, enforcement cuts and similar personnel debts,
  • Tracking annual permits,
  • Performing Automatic Private Pension System Operations,
  • Delivery of monthly wage payrolls to employees
  • Preparation of expense-centered cost charts
  • Actualization of salary payments
  • Making the termination procedures and calculations together, preparing the necessary documents
  • Online notification of documents to be submitted to official institutions within the legal time limit

Why Should You Take This Service? 

Companies can increase their EBİTTA values by moving their costs from fixed expenses to variable expenses, especially by outsourcing their personnel working in side jobs, as well as jobs and technologies other than their fields of expertise and core business. 

Since corporate companies with foreign connections cannot add to the limited 'head count' numbers, they can solve the head count problem by converting the personnel working in such jobs into service procurement. 

Outsource/Seasonal Payrolling is a management strategy that enables businesses to focus on their main activities, enabling them to produce services with teams in experienced consultant companies, together with human resources, for jobs that require expertise. As İNKA, when you receive outsource services for the subjects and works permitted by the Labor Law, we can carry out all transactions completely and legally, without requiring additional workload on your company. 

What Will Be the Benefit?

  • Legal liability is minimized,
  • The company focuses on its main business, increasing productivity is achieved.
  • The number of employees in the workplace is kept at a minimum.
  • The main field of activity is not out of track,
  • Services are obtained from the experts of the subject,
  • Costs are reduced